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h2. 1.) Go to the blog dashboard

h2. 2.) Under Tools, click on 'Import Users'

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h2. 3.) Enter student Elon email addresses here

You can type them directly into the box or copy and paste.

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h2. 4.) Select their role

The author role allows students to post their own content but not edit anyone else's content.
* {color:#333333}{*}Administrators{*}{color} {color:#333333}have access to all the administration features.{color}
* {color:#333333}{*}Editors{*}{color} {color:#333333}can publish posts, manage posts as well as manage other people’s posts, etc.{color}
* {color:#333333}{*}Authors{*}{color} {color:#333333}can publish and manage their own posts, and are able to upload files.{color}
* {color:#333333}{*}Contributors{*}{color} {color:#333333}can write and manage their posts but not publish posts or upload media files.{color}
* {color:#333333}{*}Subscribers{*}{color} {color:#333333}can read comments/comment/receive newsletters, etc., but cannot create regular site content.{color}

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h2. 5. Click 'Import Users'

Their Elon blogs account is now ready and they can login to your blog. You can email them a link to your blog or they can login at [].

Please note:
* If they've used previously, they can login with their existing Elon blogs account
* If they haven’t used, they will need to create a password for their account. To create a password, they'll need to click "Forget your password" on the login screen and follow the on-screen directions.

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