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h6. {toggle-cloak:id=faq2}Q: What is my "Domain"?
{cloak:id=faq2}A: When something ask you for your domain (Windows login, email, etc.) there are two possible domains to which you can belong. They are organized as follows:
Are you a student? Your domain is *AS*.
Are you a faculty or staff member? Your domain is *FS*.
h6. {toggle-cloak:id=faq3}Q: How can I change my password?
{cloak:id=faq3}A: If you're trying to change your *OnTrack* password, you will need to visit the [OnTrack website |https://ontrack.elon.edu]. Once logged in you will see a link to change your password.
{cloak:id=faq8}A: New Students, Faculty and Staff are eligible for a complimentary license of Microsoft Office.
If you are inquiring in regards to downloading the license on a *Privately Owned Computer* please visit [Kivuto's E-Academy Software Downloads|Kivuto's E-Academy OnTheHub Software Downloads].
If you are inquiring in regards to upgrading an *Elon Owned Faculty or Staff Computer* please contact the Technology Service Desk at 336-278-5200.[|GYD:Microsoft Office Installation - University Owned Computers]

h6. {toggle-cloak:id=faq9}Q: What do I need to know about student email powered by Google and Google Apps for Education?
{cloak:id=faq9}A: On June 1, students will receive expanded email capability when Elon converts all All student email accounts to use Google’s web-based email service, Gmail. Visit our [website|http://www.elon.edu/e-web/news/google/] or our [wiki pages|TECH: Google Apps for Education] for information, including FAQs, videos, tours, tutorials, documentation, set-up information for mobile devices and other clients, etc.