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h3. Passwords
Elon faculty, students, and staff are now able to log into with their Elon username and password. This is the same password used to log into Moodle and Elon email.
h3. Faculty, students and staff
Elon faculty, students and staff with an Elon password should use [Elon's Self-Service Password Maintenance site|] to reset their password.
h3. Other users

Non-Elon users can reset their password directly on On the login screen, click on “Lost your password?” to get started.
h4. Related issue

The "Invalid username" error means that user doesn't have a blog account. Students should contact their professor and ask them to add the student to the blog. Others should contact the blog administrator. [Directions for adding Elon users to a blog|TECH:Add Elon Users to a Wordpress Blog] \| [Directions for adding non-Elon users to a blog|TECH:Adding non-Elon users to blog]
If you use an Elon email address to access a blog hosted at and haven't logged in since July 5, you’ll need to create a new password before you can access your blogs. Until now, you’ve been able to use your Elon password. The recent transition of blogs to a cloud solution has made that no longer possible. A new, unique password will be required to log into

*IMPORTANT:* This will not change your password for other Elon services, like email or Ontrack. This password will only be for blogs hosted at
_What? - This seems like a step backwards. I have enough passwords to remember._ We agree. Having a separate password for blogs is not ideal.This is only a temporary workaround until we can relink our blog accounts with Elon passwords. An announcement will be made when this is reactivated.
Follow the directions below to add a password to your account.
---- h2.
h1. Add a new password to your blog account
h2. 1.) Go to: []

h2. 2.) Click 'Lost your password'

h2. 3.) Enter your Elon email address - Click 'Get New Password'


h2. 4.) Check your Elon email account - open the email from WordPress


h2. 5.) Click on the link to reset your password


h2. 6.) Enter a password and click 'Reset Password'

*IMPORTANT: This will not change your Elon password. This password is only for Elon blogs.*


h2. 7.) Click 'Log in' to log into the blog


h2. 8.) Enter your Elon username and your new password\*

\**Remember: this is not your Elon password. It is the password you just created.*


h2. 9.) You're now at the Dashboard. Click on 'My Sites' to see your blogs.