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h2. 1.) Click 'Site Admin'

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h2. 2.) Hover over 'Users' in the toolbar on the left, and click 'Add New'

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h2. 3. Because 3.) Since you are adding an email from outside the Elon network, use the 'Add New User' section

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h2. 4.) Create a user name in all lowercase letters, and add an email address

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h2. 5. Select the user's role with the dropdown menu
h2. 5.) Select the user's role from the drop-down menu

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h2. 6.) Click 'Add New User'

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h2. 7.) A yellow confirmation bar will pop up at the top.

An email will be sent to your new user asking them to join the blog. They must click the confirmation link in the email to activate the new account.