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In the past, Elon University utilized a spam firewall to help catch spam sent to University email addresses. However, due to transitions in technology, users are now responsible for managing the spam reaching their inbox. Fortunately, for various mail clients this is an easy process, albeit at first it may seem a bit time consuming. Rest assured, as you continue to mark spam emails and addresses, the system will learn to anticipate those items that are spam and those that are legitimate. The process for managing spam is dependent upon the type of mail client you use. Below, we have provided documentation on managing spam for the most common email clients used by University personnel.
# [Outlook 2010 (PC)|TECH:Managing (PC)|GYD:Managing the Spam Filter in Microsoft Outlook 2010] 
# [Outlook 2011 (Mac)|TECH:Managing the Spam Filter in Microsoft Outlook 2011 (Mac)]
# [Outlook Web Access (OWA)|TECH:Managing the Spam Filter in Outlook Web Access (OWA)]
# [Mac Mail (Mac)|TECH:Managing the Spam Filter in Mac Mail]