Accessing and Printing your Class Roster

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h3. Step One: Access the website
Navigate to the [OnTrack website|]. Log in using your username and password. Then click on *OnTrack for Faculty*.
h3. Step Two: Access your class roster Class Roster
# Under the Faculty Information heading, select Class Roster.
# Use the drop down box to choose the term.
# Ignore the date range option.
# Select a method to view the class roster (view on the web, e-mailed in an Excel .xls format, or e-mailed in an Excel .csv format).
# Click Submit.
# Select the course of which you want to view the class roster.
# Select whether you want to display the students' photos.
# Click Submit.
# Click on the Section Name and title of the course you want to view. If you want to limit the course listing you may choose a term or date range to decrease the sections that appear on the screen.
# The Class Roster is displayed with pictures.
# Options to email the students on your roster, hide the pictures from your roster screen or to receive an excel roster via email are at the top of the roster.
# To exit the roster click Submit at the bottom of the page or the Select a different course section option at the top of the roster.
h3. Tips for printing your Class Roster

In August 2016, OnTrack was redesigned with a new look and feel. As a result, the class roster tables are a larger size and some have experienced difficulty in printing. Follow these tips below and if you experience issues, please contact the Technology Service Desk at 336-278-5200.

* We do not recommend you print class rosters in Firefox. There is a known issue with printing large tables in Firefox, where the result is a printed blank page. If you experience this issue, try switching web browsers.
* If you do not need to print the class roster with student photos, you can choose the option to email yourself the class roster in Excel format. Then, you can open the Excel file and print from Excel. You can also select the option to Hide Student Photos and print from the browser.
* To print the class roster with student photos, choose the print option in your browser. We recommend printing from Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, or Safari.

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