Accessing your class roster

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h3. Step One: Access the website
Navigate to the [OnTrack website|]. Log in using your username and password. Then click on *OnTrack for Faculty*.
h3. Step Two: Access your class roster
# Under the Faculty Information heading, select Class Roster.
# Use the drop down box to choose the term.
# Ignore the date range option.
# Select a method to view the class roster (view on the web, e-mailed in an Excel .xls format, or e-mailed in an Excel .csv format).
# Click Submit.
# Select the course of which you want to view the class roster.
# Select whether you want to display the students' photos.
# Click Submit.
# Click on the Section Name and title of the course you want to view. If you want to limit the course listing you may choose a term or date range to decrease the sections that appear on the screen.
# The Class Roster is displayed with pictures.
# Options to email the students on your roster, hide the pictures from your roster screen or to receive an excel roster via email are at the top of the roster.
# To exit the roster click Submit at the bottom of the page or the Select a different course section option at the top of the roster.

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