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| *Description* | The elite (emerging leaders in technology @ elon) Program integrates technology in academics, administration, and collegiate life while providing students “real world” experience in an on campus job. The elite Program provides students with one-on-one, walk-up software support with programs in the Microsoft Office, Apple iLife, and Adobe Creative Suite packages (see full listing of supported software below). If you require assistance on other programs, an elite student may be able to direct you to another elite student or online resources. |
| *Service availability* | An elite student A TLT Student Consultant is available in Belk Library at the Information Desk and in the Teaching and Learning Technologies’ office (Belk Library 115) during our hours of operation (listed below). |
| *Request service* | Walk-up support available during our hours of operation (listed below). You can also call the Technology Service Desk for "how-to" software support at x5200. |
| *Additional resources* | [Training and Workshops - Lynda Training|Lynda Training] \\
 [Technology Service Desk] \\
["How-to" Software Support|How-to Software Support] |
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h3. Supported Software
|| Adobe || Apple iLife || Microsoft || Other ||
| Acrobat Pro \\
Dreamweaver \\
Photoshop \\
Acrobat Reader | GarageBand \\
iDVD \\
iMovie \\
iTunes | Access \\
h3. elite Student Staff
h3. TLT Student Consultants
The elite Program hires motivated, energetic, and dedicated student workers.
Teaching and Learning Technologies (TLT) hires motivated, energetic, and dedicated student staff.
Students with a passion for integrating technology into the the academic and collegial atmosphere at Elon University should consider for applying for a position within the elite Program. Teaching and Learning Technologies. Check to see current job openings at [|] on the Elon Job Network.

h3. Contact Information
Visit us at the Belk Library Information Desk or TLT 115, or email us at For more information call Teaching and Learning Technologies (TLT) at 336-278-5006.
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