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Computer Lab Reservations
Reserving a Lab Public computer labs may be reserved for academic events using Elon University's space, planning and calender event scheduling web application available at For information regarding event request submissions please ...
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Computer Labs, Facilities & Equipment
DSC033832.jpg align=center,width=546,height=195! About Our Computer Labs There are 36 PC and 17 Mac computer labs located on Elon's campus that are maintained by Campus Technology Support. Campus Technologies is working to build configurations that are suitable for all ...
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Computer Lab Software
Academic Software Click here #general to view the standard lab software for PC and Mac labs. Click here Computer Lab Software Policy to view policy and procedure for requesting additional software in computer labs. A variety of software is available for your ...
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Computer Lab Software Policy
1.0 Purpose Elon University supports a wide variety of software applications in academic computer labs. New software applications must be tested by Campus Technology Support and appropriate faculty members to verify proper operation and interaction with other installed applications ...
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Computer Login
Once logged in, users will have access to their network storage (U: drive). Remember to log off, so others won't have access to your network storage. Hosted guests of the university Visit our University Network Guest Accounts https ...
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Computer Maintenance
Performing simple routine maintenance procedures on your computer can help ensure that your computer will continue to operate smoothly and reliably. Use some of the following tips to maintain your Apple or Windows computer: Restart your computer Shut down ...
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Computer Requirements
System Requirements for taking an online course: Windows Apple Processor Intel Core 2 Duo 1.8 or better Intel Core Duo 2.1GHZ or better Memory (RAM) 1 Gb or more 1Gb or more Hard Drive Size ...
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Dell Computer Purchase Program
Dell Discount Opportunity Dell offers degreeseeking students a discount on their full catalog of computers, peripherals, and accessories. Click here =44625481 to shop the full catalog of Dell ...
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Departing and New Employee Computer Policy
1.0 Purpose Elon University provides computers for a wide range of university faculty and staff. Campus Technology Support maintains and supports these computers. Campus Technology Support has established clear and uniform procedures for transitioning an existing computer away ...
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Domain Log In Benefits
Benefits of Domain Log In Automatic scripted updates upon log in. (Virus definitions, Security Patches) Automatic mapping to Network Storage upon log in. Wireless Configuration upon log in. Virtualized Applications Security {}Was this information helpful? Rate the page
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