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VPN Client Installation - Windows XP, Vista, and 7 (32-bit)
screencapture243.jpg width=250! \\ Windows XP, Vista, and 7 (32bit) VPN Client Installation and Configuration Instructions Installation Instructions #install AutoConfiguring your connection profile, postinstallation (Recommended) #configure ManuallyConfiguring your connection profile, postinstallation #configure2 The VPN ...
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VPN Policy
1.0 Purpose Elon provides Virtual Private Network (VPN) services for connectivity to secure systems. Users are required to utilize VPN to access systems and services from offcampus. Campus Technology provides secure services to the University community by limiting some ...
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webvpnlogo.jpg! WebVPN What is it? Using WebVPN does not give you access to your network storage. If you would like to connect to your network storage click here Remote access and VPN. This service is only available to Elon University students ...
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Wish List
Technology Space Wiki Document Wish List Looking for a document and can't find one? Add your request to the following list! Please add the topic which you wish a page to be created for, as well as a brief description of your topic. In addition ...
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