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Accessing New RightFax on Mac (Technology)
new RightFax Utility is unavailable on Macs. Instead, you can send RightFaxes through your email client (Mac Mail, Outlook 2011, or through a web browser at If you are a PC user and need to setup your RightFax Utility ...
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Configuring the new RightFax server (Technology)
Follow these instructions to configure your RightFax Utillity to the new RightFax server. These instructions will also show you how to move your old and existing faxes to the new server. In order to configure the new server, you MUST have the RightFax FaxUtil ...
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Creating Rules in Email with Mac Mail (Mac Only) (Technology)
Please follow these instructions to create rules in email through the Mac Mail application on an Apple computer. 1.) After opening Mac Mail, click 'Mail' in the toolbar at the top (1) and select 'Preferences...' (2) !ScreenShot20130731at10.16.49AM.png! 2.) From the Preferences ...
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Forward Elon Student and Alumni Email to an Outside Account (Technology)
directions are for Elon students and Elon alumni who graduated in 2010 and beyond. # Log in to the student and alumni side of !screencapture380.jpg thumbnail! # Click Settings !screencapture381.jpg! # Click !screencapture382.jpg! # Click the radio button beside Forward a copy of incoming ...
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Mailbox Quotas (Technology)
Type of Account Mailbox Size Note Send/Receive Limit (per email message) \\ Student/Alum (Google) 7GB (and counting) \\ Google continues to add more storage space so email users can archive older messages rather ...
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Outlook Web App (OWA) - Faculty and Staff (Technology)
Please note that this page is currently under revision. Please check back for future updates
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RightFax feature (Client for Microsoft Outlook 2007) (Technology)
fax a document to a recipient from your computer, use either the client for Microsoft Outlook 2007 or the FaxUtil client for Windows RightFax feature (FaxUtil client for Windows). Please note that Microsoft Outlook 2010 is not supported at this time. The RightFax form ...
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RightFax feature (FaxUtil client for Windows) (Technology)
fax a document to a recipient from your computer, use either the FaxUtil client for Windows or the client for Microsoft Outlook RightFax feature (Client for Microsoft Outlook 2007). The Rightfax outlook client will not work with outlook 2013. When installing choose custom ...
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Student Email Displays 'Outlook Team' as Sender (Technology)
Some students have experienced issues where sent emails from their Elon University account are labeled as being sent from Outlook Team, rather than their name (in example, John Doe). To set your name as the sender of an email ...
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Using RightFax System Tray icon (Technology)
Please follow these instructions for configuring the RightFax System Tray icon and sending faxes with the tool. 1.) Navigate to the RightFax System Tray icon !media1375371438431.png! Click the upward pointing arrow. Click the fax machine icon (hovering the mouse over this icon ...
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