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Computer Labs, Facilities & Equipment
DSC033832.jpg align=center,width=546,height=195! About Our Computer Labs There are 36 PC and 17 Mac computer labs located on Elon's campus that are maintained by Campus Technology Support. Campus Technologies is working to build configurations that are suitable for all ...
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Computer Lab Software
Academic Software Click here #general to view the standard lab software for PC and Mac labs. Click here Computer Lab Software Policy to view policy and procedure for requesting additional software in computer labs. A variety of software is available for your ...
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Computer Lab Software Policy
1.0 Purpose Elon University supports a wide variety of software applications in academic computer labs. New software applications must be tested by Campus Technology Support and appropriate faculty members to verify proper operation and interaction with other installed applications ...
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Dell Computer Purchase Program
Dell Discount Opportunity Dell offers degreeseeking students a discount on their full catalog of computers, peripherals, and accessories. Click here =44625481 to shop the full catalog of Dell ...
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General Computer Information & Use
Description In this area, you can find a variety of documentation on general computer use, in addition to helpful information regarding computers. Training and support
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Microsoft Forefront Endpoint Protection - Antivirus Application
What is Microsoft Forefront Endpoint Protection? Microsoft Forefront Endpoint Protection is a reliable antivirus solution, that constantly and rapidly scans computers for malicious programs such as viruses, trojans, backdoor programs, worms, dialers etc. It constantly monitors the computer's operating system ...
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Software Requests for Computer Labs - Deadline Approaching
Spring 2011 deadline for computer lab software requests is fast approaching. All PC and Mac software requests for computer labs must be submitted by December 1st for Spring semester installation. Please submit all PC requests to mailto ...
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Spybot Search and Destroy
sb5.JPG thumbnail! What is Spybot Search & Destroy? Spybot Search & Destroy (aka Spybot) is a popular proprietary spyware, adware, and malware removal program compatible with Microsoft Windows 95 computers and later. It protects the computer from malicious software while ...
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Spyware Blaster
blaster.gif width=120! What is Spyware Blaster? Spyware Blaster is an excellent program to have in your arsenal of free computer protection programs. It protects your computer by controlling the settings in your internet browsers to keep your computer secure ...
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Spyware Protection
What is Spyware, and where does it come from? Spyware is a program installed on a user's computer (without the user's knowledge) that collects and transmits information about the user without their consent. Spyware can have a number of negative effects: Personal information, including ...
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