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Campus Technology Support - student employment
Positions Help Desk Assistant We are accepting applications at this time\! Campus Technology Support houses a team of student technology assistants, each harnessing the core values of quality customer support and dedication to the university. Staff are hired in at an entry level ...
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Computer Maintenance
Performing simple routine maintenance procedures on your computer can help ensure that your computer will continue to operate smoothly and reliably. Use some of the following tips to maintain your Apple or Windows computer: Restart your computer Shut down ...
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Purchasing a Computer
ctslogo.bmp width=125,height=125,align=center! !screencapture923.jpg align=center,width=225! !screencapture924.jpg align=center,width=155! Ready to purchase a computer? Below you will find a series of frequently asked questions and answers. On the left navigation panel there are a series ...
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Remote access and VPN
What is VPN Virtual Private Network used for? When off campus, VPN can be used to access network resources typically available only on campus. There are 2 kinds of VPN, webbased and clientbased. Type Provides access to Installation Directions Web ...
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Recommended Specifications Elon Recommends a laptop computer for all students, faculty, and staff.  Component Windows \\ Apple \\ Processor \\ Intel Core i5 or better Intel Core i5 dualcore or better \\ Memory (RAM) \\ 4 GB or More ...
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