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Backing up your computer - Windows
allow for easy back of personal data (documents, images, audio, video) all your files should be located in your user profile. If they are not located in your user profile you will need to relocate them into the directories listed below. Personal Document ...
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DreamSpark Installation
Follow these instructions to download Microsoft Project Professional 2010 through DreamSpark. You must be registered TECH:DreamSpark Registration in order to download the software. If you clicked the download link immediately after registering, proceed to Step #3. Otherwise ...
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DreamSpark - Microsoft Project Professional 2010
Dreamspark.JPG width=1458,height=149! Students who are either Computer Science majors or in the Business School are provided with a free download of Microsoft Project Professional 2010. In order to access this download, your professor will create an account for you through DreamSpark ...
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Microsoft Forefront Endpoint Protection - Antivirus Application
What is Microsoft Forefront Endpoint Protection? Microsoft Forefront Endpoint Protection is a reliable antivirus solution, that constantly and rapidly scans computers for malicious programs such as viruses, trojans, backdoor programs, worms, dialers etc. It constantly monitors the computer's operating system ...
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Outlook - How to Save Attachments
Open Microsoft Outlook: # Open the email, containing the attachments you want to save # Click “File” # Click “Save Attachments” # Click “ok” !image003.jpg thumbnail! # Navigate to the location you want to store the attachments, ie. My Documents, Desktop, Etc ...
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