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Backing up your computer - Mac
All of your personal files should be saved within your username folders (i.e. your Desktop, Documents, Library, Movies, Music, Pictures, and Sites folders). If your files are not stored within your username account, it is important to rearrange your ...
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Campus Technology Support Price List
Software Available for Purchase Office Professional 2010 Computer Software $12.00 \\ 1 Free Download Kivuto's EAcademy Software Downloads Microsoft Office for Mac 2011 Computer Software $12.00 \\ 1 Free Download Kivuto's EAcademy Software Downloads ...
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Computer Maintenance
Performing simple routine maintenance procedures on your computer can help ensure that your computer will continue to operate smoothly and reliably. Use some of the following tips to maintain your Apple or Windows computer: Restart your computer Shut down ...
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Print Management
Since the implementation of the print management system in February 2006, Elon has seen more than a 70% reduction of printing in the computer labs and library. In 20042005, the library and computer labs used more than 10 million sheets of paper. In 20072008 ...
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Remote access and VPN
What is VPN Virtual Private Network used for? When off campus, VPN can be used to access network resources typically available only on campus. There are 2 kinds of VPN, webbased and clientbased. As of Summer 2014, a VPN connection is no longer needed ...
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