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The Technology Wiki is your source for official technology information, including important announcements, how-to information, and support features specific to Elon. Through this tool Campus Technology staff can quickly and accurately provide the Elon campus with relevant and up-to-date information. Are you looking for something that you can't find? Let us know by calling the Technology Service Desk at 278-5200.

Do you want to submit a support request? Email us at servicedesk@elon.edu! Please note: We are unable to assist with account problems via email.

Are you a new or returning student with questions regarding technology at Elon? Check out our Student Technology Resource Guide.

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Technology Service Desk
Live Chat: Chat with us online
Email: servicedesk@elon.edu
Phone: (336) 278-5200
Campus Ext: 5200
Location: 114 W. Lebanon Ave. (Across from Subway!)
Hours of Operation:
(Fall/Spring Semester Hours)
Monday - Thursday: 7 AM - 10 PM
Friday: 7 AM - 6 PM
Saturday: 9 AM - 6 PM
Sunday: 1 PM - 10 PM

(Summer Semester Hours)
Monday - Thursday: 7 AM - 8 PM
Friday: 7 AM - 6 PM
Saturday: 12 PM - 6 PM
Sunday: 1 PM - 8 PM

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Elon University has partnered with The Computer Dept., Sites Computer Resources, and AirTrack Devices in Burlington to provide students with computer support and repair. Both locations offer configuration, repair, and troubleshooting assistance for a variety of devices. Elon University's Technology Service Desk, located at 114 W. Lebanon Avenue, still assists students with limited software support, wireless configurations, and problems with print management stations. Our services have not changed in regard to faculty and staff. For more information, contact one of these businesses using the contact information listed:

  • The Computer Dept. - 1409 University Drive #2 / 336-756-7654
  • Sites Computer Resources - 336-585-2032 / 1712 Westbrook Avenue
  • AirTrack Devices in Burlington - 336-586-9001 / 3400-A South Church Street

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Q: Where is the Technology Service Desk located?
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Q: How can I obtain Microsoft Office?
Q: What do I need to know about student email powered by Google and Google Apps for Education?

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Technology Blog

Technology@Elon – Elon Technology Blog
5 Tips for Blocking Hacker Attacks This Cyber Monday
Christmas tree and giftsThe holiday season has arrived! While this is a perfect time to get great online deals, this is also the time when scammers and hackers take advantage of the increase in online transactions to steal personal information. Scammers often use social media, email, and text messages to trick you into giving away your personal information by getting you to click … Continue Reading
Takeaways from National Cyber Security Awareness Month 2017
National Cyber Security Awareness Month logoEvery October, businesses, organizations, and individuals from around the work come together and participate in National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM) to promote online safety and cyber security awareness. This month, Elon’s Office of Information Technology has worked together to help make online safety approachable and accessible with weekly cyber security articles and quick tips for staying safe online. Here … Continue Reading
Securing smart devices and protecting personal information
Photo of smart home connected to devicesWe live in a world of smart cities, connected devices, and digitized records. Smart devices allow us stay connected and updated on what is happening around the world, and help us keep up with our fast-paced lives. Although smart devices are immensely useful, they are fueled by our personal information, which can be dangerous. By providing your smart devices with … Continue Reading
Creating a Culture of Cybersecurity in the Workplace
Man using laptop computerData breaches are increasing every year and hackers are getting more advanced as security systems improve. Because of this, there are many ways for hackers to steal data in the workplace including when you share information online over an unsecure WiFi network or leave your computer unlocked. Fortunately, there are many ways for you, as an employee, to protect personal … Continue Reading
Information Technology recognized during National Customer Service Week
Ryan Gay and IT student worker, Katie Shifflette, answering technology questions at College Coffee.Information Technology is proud to highlight the exemplary customer service provided by the department’s staff during National Customer Service Week.   Service with a smile When it comes to offering customer service, the employees of Information Technology (IT) strive to offer faculty, staff, students, alumni, and retirees the best experience possible. From troubleshooting issues, to creating new applications and sites, … Continue Reading

Technology Tips Blog

Tech Tips – Elon Technology Blog
Takeaways from National Cyber Security Awareness Month 2017
National Cyber Security Awareness Month logoEvery October, businesses, organizations, and individuals from around the work come together and participate in National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM) to promote online safety and cyber security awareness. This month, Elon’s Office of Information Technology has worked together to help make online safety approachable and accessible with weekly cyber security articles and quick tips for staying safe online. Here … Continue Reading
Securing smart devices and protecting personal information
Photo of smart home connected to devicesWe live in a world of smart cities, connected devices, and digitized records. Smart devices allow us stay connected and updated on what is happening around the world, and help us keep up with our fast-paced lives. Although smart devices are immensely useful, they are fueled by our personal information, which can be dangerous. By providing your smart devices with … Continue Reading
Cybersecurity 101: 5 Quick Tips For Staying Safe Online
To kick off National Cyber Security Awareness Month, we’re sharing five simple tips for keeping your personal information safe from cyber attacks. While you may feel that you’re not at risk for a cyber attack, keep in mind that over 1.9 billion data records have been hacked during global cyber attacks in just the first half of 2017.  It’s even … Continue Reading
NCSAM 2017: Cyber security is our shared responsibility
This October marks the 13th anniversary of National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM)!  Since its creation in 2004, NCSAM has been a respected source of cybersecurity tips and information for staying secure online. Be sure to join the conversation on Twitter and Facebook this month as Elon shares advice and resources for keeping your personal information safe. #ElonSecure Why Cyber … Continue Reading
Hurricane Harvey disaster relief scams
While Hurricane Harvey has slowly begun to subside, the storm’s destructive effects will continue to be felt across Texas and surrounding areas for years to come. Unfortunately, when natural disasters strike, malicious cyber scammers consider this a prime time to capitalize on those wanting to help disaster victims. Donating money to disaster relief charities and other help organizations can be … Continue Reading

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