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Using VPN for the Belk Library Database

WebVPN - What is it?

  • Using WebVPN does not give you access to your network storage. If you would like to connect to your network storage click here.
  • This service is only available to Elon University students, faculty, and staff.
    As of summer 2014, VPN access is no longer required to access Belk Library Databases off-campus. To learn more about the new method of logging in, please click here.

To take advantage of the resource follow the steps below. Alternatively, you may connect via AnyConnect by following the instructions located here.

  1. Navigate to https://webvpn.elon.edu/
  2. Click Yes if prompted about a security certificate OR
    1. If you are using the Internet Explorer browser and get a "There is a problem with this website's security certificate" message, click "Continue to this website (not recommended)."
    2. If you are using the Mozilla Firefox browser and get a "Secure connection failed" message, click "Or you can add an exception..." then "Add exception" then "Get certificate" then "Confirm security exception".
    3. Go to http://www.elon.edu/certificate/ to download the appropriate security certificate for your browser and OS.
  3. In the drop down box, select "WebVPN"
  4. Enter your Elon email user name and password. Click OK or Continue when a message appears indicating that unauthorized access is forbidden.
  5. In order to reach the library's databases, click on the Databases link.
  6. To reach other webpages, use the toolbar at the top right of the page (Click the icon for Show Toolbar).
    1. If the Floating Toolbar does not open, click the link to open it. Or, if you use the address bar to type in a URL, make sure you leave the https://webvpn.elon.edu/ address to the left of whatever URL you type.

IMPORTANT- Please LOG OUT when you complete your session. Click the X in the VPN Floating Toolbar to log out. By closing the browser, without clicking the X, the system will not log you out.

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