Why should I use WebEx?

WebEx provides a variety of benefits to collaborate and host meetings. While users may be familiar with using Skype for video conferencing, WebEx offers a more versatile range of options. For example, WebEx conferences can include desktop sharing, document sharing, application sharing, polling, and remote control (the ability to control another user's computer from a different location) options. Other benefits:

  • Host conference calls (see tip below)
  • Meet anywhere, anytime, on any device (with an internet connection)
  • Collaborate in real time
  • Hold meetings via any web browser without the need to install specialized software
  • Provide a call-in phone number, VoIP (voice-over-IP) calling, or toll-free call-in numbers
  • Hold/attend a campus meeting virtually
  • Interview candidates
  • Run and record your own virtual training sessions
  • Bring a global expert into the classroom
  • Hold a virtual class instead of canceling due to inclement weather or other reasons
To get started with WebEx, simply visit the following URL, logging in with your Elon University email username and password:
If you are hosting a meeting that will cover sensitive or private data, you should click the lock option to prevent anyone uninvited from joining your session. If you do not lock your room, ANYONE with your web address can join your personal room. You may want to consider using a Meeting Center room for private conversations. More information on Personal Rooms may be found on Cisco's site .

If you are hosting a meeting involving students, it is recommended that you schedule the meeting and send out invitation links ahead of time.

How to Use WebEx for Conference Calls

WebEx is a great tool for Conference Calls. If you want to use WebEx for conference calls, read "Schedule a WebEx Meeting" below to schedule a conference call via WebEx. Afterwards, read "How to Host a WebEx Meeting" below to launch the conference call. For participants not hosting the conference call, have them read "Join WebEx Meeting" below.

Don't know your password? Reset it at our Self-Service Password Maintenance Site or contact the Technology Service Desk at (336) 278-5200.

To join a meeting, you will receive an email invitation from the host. If you do not see the invitation in your inbox, check your spam/junk folders. Please note: the Technology Service Desk does not receive notifications of Meeting Numbers and is unable to provide this information.


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