Voice Mail User Guide - Nortel Meridian Phones

Nortel Meridian Voice Messaging User Guide

Getting Started

Accessing Your Voice Messaging Mailbox
Forwarding Calls to Voicemail (Turning ringer off)
Playing Voice Messages
Reviewing and Responding to Voice Messages (Rewind, Skip, Respond, etc.)


Password has Expired Message
Changing Your Password
Forgot Your Password

Greetings and Personal Verifications

Recording a Greeting
Play, Delete, or Re-record a Greeting
Record a Personal Verification
Play, Delete, or Re-record a Personal Verification

Replying to and Forwarding VoiceMail Messages

Calling the VoiceMail Sender
Reply to the VoiceMail Sender with a Recording
Forwarding a Message

General Information

Full Feature VoiceMail User Guide
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