Update a user profile in Wordpress

Don't let your user info be blank and boring. Update your profile!

1. Click 'Site Admin' and login

2. Click your name in the top right corner

You will be taken to your profile, where you will have many options for updating your info.

2. Edit your Name Options

Your username cannot be changed, and should be your Elon username. You may enter your first and last name, and you are required to add a nickname.

You may also change your display name using the dropdown menu (options in the dropdown are dependent on the names you enter in the fields above it). Your display name will be used in the byline of your posts and your name in the info box at the bottom of your posts.

3. Edit your Contact Info

Here you may enter URLs to your other sites or social media profiles.Remember, this information will be available to readers, so unless you want to direct them toward your personal Facebook profile or Pinterest boards, don't share that info.

4. Add a few lines of Biographical Information

Include your position or the name of your office, your year and major if you're a student, or other information that might be relevant to the blog.

5. Upload an Avatar or Profile Picture

Click 'Choose File'

In the box that opens, find and select the image you want, and click 'Open'

6. Click 'Update Profile' to save all of your changes

7. When viewing the post, your updated information should be shown in the yellow box below your post and in the byline under the post title.

Your display name is linked to your Author Archives, your website is linked from 'Website,' and your social media profiles are linked from the icons.


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