Time Entry for Supervisors of Student Employees - Instructions

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To avoid data corruption, DO NOT click the back button on your browser. To return to the Time Entry and Approval menu, click the Main Menu tab and OnTrack for Employees.

Access student timesheets

Student time for positions you supervise as a primary or alternate supervisor can be accessed for review and approval through OnTrack. Once logged in, click on OnTrack for Employees. Under the section labeled Time Entry and Approval, select Time approval (for supervisors) to access the student timesheets.

Student employees will have both a primary and alternate supervisor listed in the system. Either or both supervisors may review, edit, approve, or reject a timesheet. Alternate supervisors will need to make a selection under “Approve time entries on behalf of” before the list of students will display.

Choosing a student timesheet to review

The Time approval (for supervisors) screen will display the students and positions for which you are listed as the supervisor.

Select the particular student for which you want to review time by clicking on the box in the column labeled “Review Entry” and then click on SUBMIT. After you have reviewed and approved time for a student, the “Approved” column box on this screen should be checked for that student. This will allow you to see at a glance students you have not reviewed.

Note the pay period dates. You may view the time only for the pay periods that are open, which will usually consist of the last pay period, if it recently ended, and the current pay period.

Reviewing time

After selecting the student for which you want to review time, the Time Entry screen will be displayed. Note the student and position information is displayed at the top of the screen. The review screen is a summary for each day worked during the pay period.

Notice the message “Employee has electronically signed the time entry as complete”. The message will change from No to Yes when the employee has electronically signed the timesheet.

You can change the hours entered by the employee, although we strongly suggest that be done in consultation with the employee, or at the least, that notice is provided to the employee of any changes with text in the “Supervisor Comments” box.

Approve time

From the review screen, choose from the drop down menu on the “Supervisor Decision” line to approve or reject the timesheet and then click on SUBMIT. You need to approve the hours to automatically send the timesheet to payroll for payment.

If you choose to reject the timesheet, you must enter text in the “Email Subject” box and/or the “Supervisor Comments” box and an email will be automatically sent to the student employee with this information. Once the student has corrected the timesheet, electronically signed and re-submitted the timesheet, the supervisor will need to approve the timesheet.


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