Scantrons and exam scoring

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Scantron and Exam Scoring

Also known as bubble sheets, scantrons, and exam scoring

Available to Faculty

Service availability Blank scantron forms are provided in sets of 25. Scantron forms are available for pick up and scoring during TLT's operating hours. Allow 24 business hours for all Scantron tests to be graded. Scoring results are emailed to you.
Request service Pick up scantron forms, drop off completed forms, and pick up exam results in Teaching and Learning Technologies in Belk Library 115.
  • Quickly and easily administer and score tests
Training and support N/A
Additional resources Review additional information below on policies and procedures, tips, answer sheet options, and reports.
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Policies and procedures

Instructors who wish to administer OMR (Optical Mark Recognition – i.e., ‘bubble sheet’) exams are asked to familiarize themselves with the following policies and procedures:

  • Instructors may obtain answer sheets, instructions for completing answer sheets and exam scanning forms from TLT in Belk Library 115 during our operating hours.
  • Answer sheets are provided in class sets of 25 each. If a department wishes to procure a bulk number of answer sheets, please call x5006 to determine availability.
  • Completed exams to be scored should be brought to TLT in Belk Library 115 during our operating hours.
    • Due to confidentiality, we do not allow students to drop off or pick up exams.
  • When bringing in an exam to be scored, faculty should:
    • Fill out an exam scanning form for each test.
    • Tell the TLT student worker if you plan to pick-up your tests or if you would like us to archive them (tests not picked up are shredded at the end of each semester).
  • We aim for a 24 hour turn-around.
  • You will receive an email with the test results. The scored answer sheets may be picked up after receiving the email notification.

Answer Sheet Option

We provide answer sheets that are compatible with the Remark OMR software we use for scoring exams:

  • Form 4521 – Enables students to respond to up to 200 multiple choice (A-E) questions (100 on front, 100 on back of sheet).

Reports that can be generated for exams

The following reports can be generated with the Remark OMR software we use:

Report Description
Exam Results A roster showing all student scores. List of the raw score, percentage, and percentile, z-score, and t-score.
Individual Item Response An individual 1-page report for each student. List of the raw score, percentage, and responses the student made to every exam question.
Item Response A record of the responses every student made to every exam question.
Item Analysis An analysis of how the exam population answered each exam question.
Class Frequency Distribution A graphic representation of the number of respondents and the percentage of the total exam population that achieved scores within each range on an exam.

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