Handy Hint
This service is available for faculty and staff only, and due to limited fax numbers this service is not available for every faculty and staff member. To be considered for this special service, faculty and staff should contact the Technology Service Desk at 278-5200.

If you have been assigned a personal fax number, and have the RightFax software installed on your computer, you can send and receive faxes from your computer.

To send a fax from your computer, there are 4 different methods.

  1. RightFax FaxUtil client for Windows (Be sure that the FaxUtil client is configured properly by following these instructions)
  2. The RightFax System Tray icon
  3. Sending a fax via email (for Mac users)
Please note that Microsoft Outlook 2010 is not supported at this time.

To receive a fax from your computer, provide the sender with your personal computer fax number provided to you by the Service Desk. You will receive the fax as an email message in your inbox. The fax will be included as attachments on the email message.


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