Poster printing, mounting, and laminating

Poster Printing, Mounting, and Laminating Overview

Also known as OfficeMax posters

Description Poster printing, mounting to foam board, and laminating, is available through OfficeMax. Elon University has a partnership with OfficeMax, providing clients with convenient online poster order submissions at a discounted price. Clients can submit their order online and pay using a credit card or a departmental account number.
Available to Faculty
Service availability
  • Online ordering is available 24/7.
  • Completed poster orders can be picked up from Belk Library's Circulation Desk.
Request service Order online 24/7.
  • Print and mount a poster for a class presentation.
  • Print a poster for your next conference presentation.
  • Create signage for an office or event.
Training and support
Additional resources Elon's identity standards
Related services Outdoor posters and signage (offered by Print Services)
Change in support, effective August 12, 2013

For the past several years, the university has outsourced poster printing to OfficeMax. Media Services has served as the intermediary between Elon customers and OfficeMax. OfficeMax has provided an excellent product at an excellent price with excellent customer service. Recently, we have completed some evaluation of the services we offer related to posters. Three changes are being implemented to serve our clients better.

  • Elon faculty, staff, and students will interact directly with OfficeMax, instead of going through Media Services for their poster ordering needs. OfficeMax will provide all support for poster ordering, including technical support, changing or cancelling an order, placing any special or large orders, checking the status of an order, and billing. OfficeMax has more staffing and is open longer which will provide our customers with better response to their questions.
  • Belk Library has agreed to serve as the pick-up location for your OfficeMax orders. Your order can be picked up whenever the library is open just by visiting the Circulation Desk. This provides our clients with an expanded timeframe to pick up your order.
  • Print Services is now offering outdoor posters/signs. This service is being offered at a discounted rate compared to OfficeMax, so it will no longer be an option on the OfficeMax online ordering site. Contact Print Services for additional information.

Review the information below to learn more about the changes.

Place an order

  • Orders can be placed online through OfficeMax's website.
  • Orders can be placed in-person at the local Burlington OfficeMax store, if the poster is 24" x 36" or smaller. Clients must present their Phoenix Card to receive the Elon discount.
Departmental Account Numbers

Ordering online with a departmental account number is restricted to particular faculty and staff. If you do not have access to place office supply orders with OfficeMax using a departmental account number, you have several options for ordering. The first 2 options listed below are the university's recommendations.

  • Pay with an Elon Purchasing Card.
  • Pay with your personal credit card and get reimbursed by the university.
  • Contact the person in your department responsible for OfficeMax purchases.

If you order office supplies through OfficeMax for the university ...
Some users' accounts have been activated to order posters using a departmental account number. For those users in which this feature has been activated, when you log in to your OfficeMax account you will see a link in the left-hand navigation to place a poster order. You may continue to place poster orders through this method. If you do not see a link to place a poster order or if you wish to pay using a credit card, you will need to create a new OfficeMax account by following the instructions above for "first-time clients." When you log in with this new username and password, you will only see options for ordering a poster (and not for ordering any office supplies). Ultimately, you will have 2 accounts with OfficeMax: one for ordering Office Supplies (and posters) via a departmental account number and one for ordering posters via a credit card.

Pick up your order

For orders placed online, OfficeMax delivers poster orders two times a week to Belk Library's Circulation Desk. Customers are responsible for picking up their order. Use the delivery schedule below to know when your poster should arrive, based on when it was ordered. (Customers will not be called when their poster is delivered.)

Ordered by Delivered by
Mondays before 9am Tuesdays by 7pm
Wednesdays before 9am Thursdays by 7pm
The delivery schedule is subject to change during semester breaks and holidays.
  • Thanksgiving week schedule: Delivery will occur on Monday, 11/25/13 and Wednesday, 11/27/13.
  • Christmas week schedule: No deliveries will occur 12/23/13 to 12/27/13.
  • New Year's schedule: Normal delivery schedule.

For orders placed in-person at the Burlington store, clients are responsible for picking up their own order at the Burlington store.


This is general pricing, but may change based upon the specifics of your order and taxes.

_ X-Large (up to 42" x 60") Large (up to 36" x 42") Medium (up to 24" x 36") Small (up to 18" x 24") X-Small (up to 8.5" x 11")
Print $25.00 $21.00 $15.00 $11.00 $0.35
Mount (per side) $15.00 $12.00 $7.00 $4.00 $3.00
Laminate $12.00 $8.00 $4.00 $3.00 $0.75
Note that X-Large and Large posters are available through online ordering only. The local Burlington OfficeMax can only produce posters that are 24" x 36" or smaller.

Templates and Elon graphics

Additional help and resources

If you need assistance, follow these guidelines to receive assistance:

Stage of your order Contact
Prior to or during the placing of your order OfficeMax Impress Support at 1-800-817-8138 or email
Hours: M-F, 8am-8pm
After submitting your order OfficeMax Apex, NC store at 919-387-6670 (ask for the Impress Department) or email
Hours: M-F, 8am to 9pm; Saturday, 9am to 9pm; Sunday, 11am-6pm
Billing questions OfficeMax Apex, NC store at 919-387-6670 (ask for the Impress Department) or email


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