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When your Elon user account is created, a personal web space is also created. This space can be used to:

  • Host a web site
  • Share small, web-based media to demonstrate work done in the classroom
  • Share files with others that may be too large to email
  • Anything that resides in this folder is accessible to others via a web browser.
Check out our 10 Steps to Effective Web Design and Development to help you get started with your website.

General Information

  • Students: Your personal web space resides on Google Sites. For more information, visit our Google Sites Beginner's Guide.
  • Faculty and Staff: Your personal web space resides in your network storage account, in the public_html folder. The web and network storage space have a combined 2GB capacity. Anything placed within the public_html directory inside of your network storage will be published to your web space, and can be accessed at, where username is replaced with your Elon University electronic account user name. This would be the same as the portion of your email address before
  • Student Organizations: If a student organization needs a web account, please have your faculty/staff advisor contact the Technology Service Desk at 336-278-5200. Your web space can be accessed at, where username is replaced with your Elon University organization's account user name.

Publishing files to your website

Files can be published to your web space in a number of ways. Click on the appropriate link for step-by-step directions.

When publishing your site, use the following information when the program asks you for the host name or FTP address:
  • Faculty/Staff -
  • Organizations -
If you want to share a specific file with others, publish the file to your web space (using the directions above) and provide the user with the web address to that file:
  • Faculty/staff -
  • Organizations -

For example, if a student wanted to allow others to access a large PowerPoint file named FinalPresentation.pptx, they would provide this address:

For help with your email or web account please contact the Technology Service Desk at or 336-278-5200.

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