Network Storage

Files stored in your network storage space can be easily accessed from any computer on the campus network, but also from off campus with the use of the VPN Client.

Files in network storage are not backed up. It is not recommended that you keep the only copy of any important file on your network storage space.

Use the links in the Quick Links panel to learn how to access and disconnect from your network storage.

Want to know how to access network storage from a computer? Check out our documentation on accessing network storage from Macs and Computers with Windows 7.
Want to know how to map a network drive? Click here.
You can also visit here for information about various types of file storage.
For students, faculty, and staff utilizing the Television Studios in McEwen needing to move files from Final Cut Pro to the 360 Server, please visit here.
Administrators ONLY: Need help managing a departmental share drive? Click here.


Google Drive is a cloud-based storage space for files, folders, and Google Docs. Students are provided with 30GB of free storage space through Google Drive, which is available for PCs, Macs, iPhones, iPads, and Android devices. For more information, visit or download the Google Drive app

For more information on designing websites through Google, visit our Google Sites Beginner's Guide.

  • Instructions vary depending on the type of computer you use.
  • An alternative solution is Microsoft Live Mesh, which you learn more about by clicking [here].

Faculty and Staff

The network storage space for each employee of Elon University has a 2GB capacity. Anything placed within the public_html directory located inside your network storage will automatically be published to your Personal Web Space (i.e.

Student Organizations

Student organizations are NOT eligible for network storage space. Even though student organizations do not have network storage space, they are still able to have an organizational web page.

University Departments

Departments on campus may be eligible for a department network storage location. For more information, please contact the Technology Service Desk.

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