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Need help working with videos in Moodle? Check out our Kaltura documentation (main campus) or MediaSpace documentation (Law School only).
Moodle Overview

Also known as learning management system or course management system

Description Elon has partnered with eThink, a provider of e-learning solutions, for our campus installation of Moodle. Students may encounter Moodle in their courses and student organizations. Instructors may use the features in Moodle in a number of ways.
Available to Faculty
Service availability Elon does not currently support connecting to Moodle via Moodle Apps. At this time you must use the browser on your mobile device to access Moodle. If you are interested in Elon adding the ability to access Moodle via apps, please email Moodle is available online 24/7 at
Request service You have access to Moodle when your email username is created.
  • Academic courses: Courses are automatically created and students are automatically enrolled in the appropriate courses based upon their registration.
  • Organizations and Departments: Contact the Technology Service Desk at 278-5200 to request a Moodle site.
  • Make course materials and information available to students 24/7
  • Link to library resources, videos, or other websites
  • Provide supplementary reading materials
  • Post announcements
  • Take attendance
  • Enhance student-to-student interaction with the use of discussion boards, wikis, and groups
  • Assess students through assignments and quizzes
  • More ideas can be found on the Moodle Musings Technology blog
Training and support

Getting Started

Uploading Files


The Gradebook and Grading

Video in Moodle


Advanced Moodle Features

Assignments and Advanced Forums

The Book, Lesson, and Choice Tools



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