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As of March 2017, Information Technology (I.T.) adopted the use of Microsoft Office 2016 as a supported Office product suite. Microsoft ended support for Office 2013 through Office 365 on March 1st. As a result, Elon University only has access to Office 2016 installations and support through Office 365.

What does this change mean for me?

Office 2016 is now available for you to install through the Office 365 portal. However, at this time there are no requirements forcing you to discontinue the use of Office 2013. Office 2013 will continue to function as you are accustomed to and can be used until you decide to upgrade, I.T. upgrades your computer through day to day support issues, or until I.T. deems the upgrade to Office 2016 necessary for functionality, compatibility, or security needs.

If you are receiving a new or replacement computer in 2017 it will come with Office 2016 already installed. After June 1st, 2017 all computers that are re-imaged due to the repair of support issues will come with Office 2016 installed.
If you are using Raiser's Edge we do not recommend upgrading to Office 2016 at this time. A patch to address compatibility with Office 2016 is being developed but not available as of April 2017.

How do I upgrade to Office 2016?

Upgrading to Office 2016 is a simple process. You can access the upgrade through the Office 365 portal by logging into your email online. See below for a link to instructions on how to upgrade.

Installing or upgrading to Office 2016

For questions about Office 2016 or assistance with installation please contact the Technology Service Desk by emailing or calling 336-278-5200.

See below for links to support and troubleshooting documentation made available by Microsoft.

Additionally, you can visit Microsoft's Office Support site. Video Tutorials

Lynda.Com offers many Office 2016 training videos and courses.
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