Media Services Equipment

Equipment Finder Quick Links:

Computers and Accessories

Dell Laptops

*1 laptop per patron
Mac Laptop

*1 laptop per patron

USB Headsets and Microphones

Presentation Remotes

Portable Speakers

Ethernet Cords


iDevice Adapters

MAC Adapters


Projection and Accessories

Data Projectors

Slide Projectors

iPevo Point 2 View USB Document Camera

For product and user information, click here.

Tripod Screens

Wide Format Screen

Audio / Video Capture and Accessories

GoPro Camera Kit

Media Services Equipment Training Required Prior to Checkout.

GoPro Camera Accessories

Media Services Equipment Training Required Prior to Checkout.
Canon XA20 Professional HD Camera Kit

Media Services Equipment Training Required Prior to Checkout.

About the Swivl
How to Guide

Playtouch Video Cameras

Zoom Q4 Video Camera

About the Zoom Q4
Point and Shoot Cameras

DSLR Cameras

Canon 60D
Web Cams

SD Cards



Zoom Audio Recorders



Memory Card Readers

Sound Systems and Microphones

Stage Pass

Go Speak

Mackie FreePlay Bluetooth Speaker

XLR Microphones

Lavalier Microphones

Area Microphones

Microphone Stands

iOS Device Microphone

Wireless Microphone Kit

Playback Equipment

TV/DVD Combos and TV/VHS Combos

VHS to DVD Dubbing Deck

DVD Player

iView Multi-Function Digital Converter Box

  • [iView QAM Tuner Kit Instructions]
  • [GYD:Channel Guide with iView QAM Tuner]

Presentation Supplies

Flip Charts

Flip Chart Stands
Flip Chart Markers


Extension Cords

Multi Cart

Faculty and Staff Checkout Only
Want a Reservation?
Contact Jenn Grimmett 
Phone: 336.278.6591
Teleconferencing Units
Instructional Video: Teleconference Units
IP Phone




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  1. Feb 13, 2010

    Arwen Varner says:

    This page is so helpful! The pictures especially are very informative!

    This page is so helpful! The pictures especially are very informative!