Managing the Spam Filter in Microsoft Outlook 2011 (Mac)

Follow these instructions to configure your spam filter in Microsoft Outlook 2011 for the Mac.

1.) Open Outlook 2011

2.) From the 'Home' tab, click 'Junk'

  • Selecting 'Mark as Junk' will consider the highlighted email as spam.
  • Selecting 'Block Sender' will block the sender of the highlighted email.
  • Select 'Junk Email Protection...' for more advanced settings.

3.) On th 'Level' tab, set the level of junk email protection you desire

4.) On the 'Safe Domains' tab, enter domains that you consider safe, using commas to separate multiple domains

  • Example:,,,

5.) On the 'Blocked Senders' tab, enter any email addresses you wish to block and click OK


6.) Congratulations! You have configured your Junk Email settings in Outlook 2011.


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