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Find the course blog

Go to your course blog – you can find the link on your course’s Moodle page or by contacting your instructor. If you see a page warning you about security, review the information at the bottom of this page.

Log in to the blog

If the blog is restricted and only available to your class, you’ll be asked to login with your Elon username and password before you can see the blog. If the blog is open to the internet, you’ll see the homepage of your course blog.

On your blog, click “Login” in the side bar and enter your Elon username and password. Don’t see “Log in?” If you see “Site Admin” you are already logged in – click on “Site Admin.” This will take you to your Wordpress Dashboard where you can edit and add new posts.

Not logged in --
click “Login” to access your Wordpress Dashboard

Currently logged in --
click “Site Admin” to enter your Wordpress Dashboard

What is this security warning?

The Elon blogs are not located in space that is known by the major browsers as a “trusted” site. It is, however, a completely trustworthy site and you may have to “overrule” your browser’s warnings about certificates of authenticity, trust, etc. before logging into the blogs.

When you go to your class blog, you may see one of the following screens:

  • Firefox: You may get a page telling you that “This Connection is Untrusted.” Click on “I Understand the Risks,” then click on “Add Exception.” In the resulting “Add Security Exception”popup box, click on the “Confirm Security Exception” at the bottom.
  • Chrome: You may get a page warning that the "site's security certificate is not trusted." Click on "Proceed anyway."
  • Safari: You’ll probably get a page warning that the “certificate is invalid…” Ignore the warning and click “Continue.”
  • Internet Explorer: You’ll probably get a page that warns about a “security certificate.” Ignore the warning and “Continue to this website."
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