Kivuto's E-Academy Software Downloads

Please note that Kivuto's E-Academy software is only compatible with PCs and Macs. Software and instructions associated with this page do not apply to iPads and other iDevices. If you are interested in compatible apps for iDevices (such as iPhones or iPads), consider downloading Pages (Microsoft Word equivalent), Numbers (Microsoft Excel equivalent), or Keynote (Microsoft Powerpoint equivalent) from the iTunes App Store.
In Summer 2015,students will be able to choose the Microsoft Office 2013 suite for their free download of Microsoft Office (make sure to select the Student Option and NOT the 'Work at Home' option). Students who have already downloaded a free copy of Microsoft Office 2010 are still eligible for ONE free download of Microsoft Office 2013.

Additionally, Office 2013 is NOT compatible with Macs. Mac users MUST use Office 2011. If you choose to download Office 2016 for Macs, do so at your own discretion, as the Technology Service Desk is unable to provide assistance with this version of the software.

Do you have a Mac and already utilized your free download? Is your Mac lacking a disc drive? You can purchase an Office 2011 CD from the Technology Service Desk and use your product key for a digital download at the following site:

Microsoft Downloads for Elon University Faculty, Staff, and Students

Elon University has partnered with Kivuto's E-Academy to offer convenient Microsoft product downloads to members of the Elon community. The products are intended for use on privately owned computers. They are not for use on university owned computers. The partnership includes a free installation of Microsoft Office (Windows or Mac) and Microsoft Forefront EndPoint Protection (Windows).

Available Media

  • One license of Microsoft Office (2011 Macintosh, 2010 Windows, 2013 Windows - Student Option)
    • License limitations are 2 unique installations
  • One license for Microsoft ForeFront EndPoint Protection (Windows Anti-virus, Anti-spyware)
    • Unlimited use
  • Adobe Creative Cloud
    • Faculty/Staff - $9.75+tax for a one year subscription
    • Students - $19.99+tax for a monthly subscription (you must commit to one year of service)

Attention Max OSX Mountain Lion Users

Click here before accessing E-Academy

Registering for Kivuto's E-Academy (First time visitors)

  • Click here for registration instructions
    Elon University recommends that you save a copy of your download and product key on a CD or some other form of removable media. This will serve as your back up. Elon University is unable to retrieve product downloads or product keys.

Accessing Kivuto's E-Academy (Returning users)

To Download Kivuto's E-Academy software

Technical Troubleshooting and FAQ's


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