Installing AnyConnect

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Installing the VPN client

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Using VPN for the Belk Library Database

Please follow the below instructions to install the AnyConnect client as an alternate connection for WebVPN.

1.) Visit

  • Make sure that 'AnyConnect' is selected in the GROUP field. (1)
  • Enter your Elon email address, WITHOUT the suffix, and your password (2)
  • Click 'Login.' (3)

2.) Accept the warning by clicking 'Continue'

2.) AnyConnect will attempt to scan and automatically download the VPN client to your device

  • This will fail and AnyConnect will offer manual installation.
  • Be sure to click 'Yes' in the security pop-up.

3.) Click on the provided link to begin the download

4.) Click 'Save File'

5.) Find the location for the saved file and open it; click 'Run' to start installation

6.) Click 'Next'

7.) Accept the terms of the License Agreement (1) and click 'Next' (2)

8.) Click 'Install'

9.) Click 'Finish'

Now, you can begin using AnyConnect!


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