How to Host a WebEx Meeting

These instructions cover hosting and initiating a WebEx Meeting. For more information, see the suggested Cisco documentation for the style of meeting room you are using.

1.) Visit

2.) Click the appropriate login button

3.) Login with your email username and password

4.) To start hosting your scheduled meeting, click the chosen Center style (Meeting, Event, Support, Training) and then click 'My Meetings'

5.) Locate your meeting from the scheduler and click 'Start'

6.) Click 'I Will Call In' (or 'Call Using Computer' if you have a built-in microphone with VoIP)

At this point, if you have a built-in microphone and VoIP, your computer can connect to audio. Alternatively, instructions (below) will appear with instructions on how to call in via phone. Note: Numbers are not toll-free and you will incur any charges for long distance.

8.) Congratulations! You have now initiated and are hosting a WebEx meeting. For more information on what you can do while hosting a meeting, view the recommended Cisco documentation for your selected meeting style.


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