How to Create a Video Quiz Using Kaltura

With Kaltura, instructors can create Video Quizzes for use in Moodle courses.

If you would like the video quiz to display directly on your course homepage, add the video in through a Label.

If you would not like the video to display directly on your course homepage, but instead have students click off of the main course homepage to view it, add the Video Quiz through a Page.

These instructions are for faculty only.

1.) Enter your Moodle course and click 'Add an activity or resource' in the topic where you would like the video to display

2.) Click 'External Tool'

3.) Click the Kaltura Media button

  • Note: You may have to click the first button next to 'Label text' to expand the rows to see the Kaltura Media button.

4.) This will bring up files already uploaded to your 'My Media' files - to upload a new video, click 'Add New' and select 'Video Quiz'

  • Note: If you have already uploaded files, they will display automatically.

5.) If the video you want to create a quiz in has already been uploaded, select the appropriate video; if not, click 'Upload Media' to upload the video

  • For this documentation, we are selecting a video already uploaded to Moodle.
  • Need help uploading? Start with Step 5 on our documentation about uploading videos to Moodle using Kaltura. (LINK)

6.) To create questions, begin by pressing the 'Play' button to start the video

7.) When you reach the location for a question in the video, press pause and then click the Blue Icon in the middle of the video (Circled)

To jump around the video, move the video slider to different locations of the video file.

8.) Fill out the form to generate the question

  1. Shuffle - This button will shuffle the order answers will appear.
  2. Add a Question Here - Place the quiz question here.
  3. Add the CORRECT Answer Here - Place the correct answer here.
  4. Add Answers - Add additional slots of "Add Additional Answer Here" (incorrect answer choices).
  5. Hint/Why Button - Gives you the option to add hints to questions or offer explanations of the correct answers.
  6. Instructions - Handy instruction guide for creating questions.
  7. Save - Click this to save your question.

9.) Your question will now appear in the video timeline:

10.) Repeat Steps 7-8 until you have added all the questions required for the video quiz

11.) When all questions are created, click 'Preview Quiz' - This will allow you to preview and test your quiz for accuracy

12.) Once satisfied with the quiz, click 'Close'

13.) Click 'Back to Browse and Embed'

14.) Now, click 'Select' for the Quiz you created

15.) Click 'Embed'

16.) Finish filling out the form and click either 'Save and return to course' or 'Save and display'

Congratulations! You have successfully created a Video Quiz in Moodle using Kaltura!


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