How to Add a Student to a Moodle Course

This walkthrough covers the process of enrolling a student into a Moodle course. As of Spring Term 2013, Moodle enrollments are still processed manually. This means:

  • It may take up to 72 hours for a student to be enrolled in your Moodle course after they register for the course in OnTrack.
  • Faculty are responsible for removing any students who drop the course in OnTrack.

In other words, your course enrollments may not be updated right away.

1.) In your Moodle course, click 'Users'

  • 'Users' is in the Settings block on the left side of the page. You may have to scroll down to see it if you've moved your blocks around. You do not have to turn on editing to do this.

2.) Click 'Enrolled users'

  • Clicking this link will take you to the Enrolled Users page, which is where you will add or remove students. The rest of this walkthrough is focused on adding a student. To find out how to remove a student from a Moodle course, please see the following walkthrough: How to Remove a Student from a Moodle Course

3.) Click the 'Enroll Users' button

  • The Enroll Users button is in the top right corner of the Enrolled Users page, just above the table that lists everyone enrolled in your course. Clicking this button will cause a box to pop up in the middle of your browser window (seen in the next step).

4.) Type in the name of the user you'd like to add, and press 'Return' or 'Enter' to search for them

If you're having trouble finding someone, double-check the spelling of their name, or try searching for just their first or last name.

5.) Click the 'Enroll' button across from the user you'd like to add

  • The Enroll button should disappear after you click it.

5.) Click the 'Finish enrolling users' button

  • The Enroll Users page will refresh. The student you've added should now appear on the Enrolled Users page. They should also have access to your course (assuming you've made it available).


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