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Room Summary

Located on the first floor of the Global Commons, this space includes four desktop computers, a print station, a seating area, a study table, and a computer-based touch table.  This space is commonly used as a study space for students and faculty alike.

Available Technology

This space includes four desktop computers, a print station, and a touch table.

Model # / Type
1.) Printer
Laser Jet 600 (M602)
2.) Computer
Microsoft (Windows7)
Optiplex 7010
3.) Touch-Table
Microsoft PC

1.) Printer

This room contains an HP Laserjet printer equipped with standard printing functionality.  Students can print whichever documents they wish via the printer using their phoenix card.

When printing your document, make certain the printer you select is the PHAROS printer.

Operating Instructions - Basic Use

  1. Log into the computer using your Elon University username and password.
  2. Open the document you wish to print.
  3. Choose File (top left hand corner) or Print button to print and click OK.
  4. Swipe your Phoenix card on the swipe panel, directly next to the printer.
  5. Select which file you would like to print.
  6. Press 'Print' and your document will be printed.

2.) Computer

This space includes four desktop computers.

Login Info

  1. To long on press Ctrl + Alt +Dlt.
  2. Enter your Elon University username and password.
  3. Once logged on, you are free to use the computer with your account until logged off.

3.) Touch-Table

Unique to the space, is a 3M touch-table. Operating like a normal desktop, this computer gives the user the option of touch in order to operate.


This touch-table operates under Windows 8.


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