FAQs - Print Charges and Limits

How many sheets can a student print for free?

Every enrolled student receives an allotment print dollars:

  • $40 for a combined fall semester and winter term
  • $30 for spring semester
  • $30 for summer (if enrolled)

One hundred print dollars is the equivalent to 1666 sheets of black and white printing or a little over 3 reams of paper.

  • Print dollars will rollover semester to semester, until mid-August at which time any remaining print dollars will be deleted.
  • Black and white print jobs that are 3 sheets or less are printed for free.
  • The charge for black and white prints is 6¢ per side, except for jobs that are 3 sheets or less.
  • The charge for color prints is 50¢ per side. If a student wants a color print from their free allotment, it will reduce the amount of the allotment at the rate of 50¢ per side.
  • After the student's print dollars run out, the system automatically withdraws 6¢ for every B&W print side from their Phoenix cash, unless the print job is 3 sheets or less.
  • After the student's print dollars run out, the system automatically withdraws 50¢ for every color print side from their Phoenix cash.
  • The student is notified at the time of printing, the number of sheets to be printed, cost of the print job, and balance of their print dollars and Phoenix cash.

Will any unused print dollars rollover semester to semester?

Print dollars rollover semester to semester, until August 15th. At which time, any remaining print dollars are deleted and the new amount for fall semester and winter term are added.

Will I be refunded print dollars, if my print job does not print out correctly?

No. You will not be refunded print dollars since faculty, staff, and students are allotted a significant number of free prints for the academic year. If there is a problem with the printer though, please notify the Technology Service Desk at 336-278-5200 or an elite student so the problem can be corrected.

What happens when I have reached my limit of free sheets?

When a student uses all allotted print dollars, the system automatically withdraws from Phoenix Cash. Students can add money to their Phoenix Cash on their card through Phoenix Card Services, the Phoenix Card Office (Moseley 111A), at a Value Transfer Station (VTS) in the Belk Library first floor copy room, Daniels Common, or Moseley's Mail Center.

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