Event Technology Support - Policy

Planning an Event

Visit the Event Planning webpage for a comprehensive guide designed to assist schedulers and organizers with the planning process.

Making a Request

Event requesters should consider making requests for support while in the initial stages of planning the event. Due to demand, requests that are made less than 3 business days before the event date may be directed to Media Services for check out or outsourced at the requester’s expense.

Before making a request, patrons are encouraged to reserve a venue using the SPACES reservation system. Once confirmed, please call the Event Technology Support (ETS) office at 336-278-6521 to request your audio and video needs. We will respond to the request within 24 hours. Please note that submitting a request to ETS does not guarantee the event will be supported.

Supported Events

ETS supports university sponsored events including conferences, meetings, concerts, and special events. Due to demand, we are unable to support recurring student organization meetings, student sponsored parties, intramural games or tournaments, or public showings of television broadcasts.

In spaces where the equipment is permanently installed, it is the requester’s responsibility to provide a laptop if that is the only technology necessary for the event. For any event that ETS is unable to support, patrons will be encouraged to contact Media Services at 336-278-6598 to reserve equipment for pick up.

Video Shooting and Editing

ETS is able to provide video support for keynote presentations, cultural events, and other impactful events for the purposes of being distributed to a larger audience through streaming sites like YouTube. Please submit requests for video support no later than one week before the event in order for ETS to schedule the resources needed to shoot the event.

If the footage will be distributed via YouTube, a talent release form must be signed and returned to ETS before the day of the event. ETS scheduling staff will be able to supply the form during the planning stage of your event.

If you would like to have a classroom lecture or presentation captured to video, please contact Media Services by calling 278-6521 and reserving a handheld video PlayTouch camera.

If DVDs are requested for distribution, please provide a departmental account number for charges associated with the production of the DVDs.

Supported Spaces

Requesters can reference SPACES to determine their technology needs based on the equipment that is currently installed in each of Elon’s venues. Because many venues are already equipped with technology, ETS may not be needed for technical support. The scheduling staff in ETS will take into account the needs of the event and adjust the level of technical support based on the capabilities of the venue.

The Event

The requested equipment will be set up and ready no less than 30 minutes prior to the event start time. If problems arise during the event, or if the event ends earlier than specified, please call the Technology Help Desk at 336-278-5200. The event organizer is responsible for equipment left unattended during or after the event.

For highly technical events, ETS may be able to provide a technician to stay in the room for the duration of the event.

Equipment Rental and Outsourcing

While ETS maintains an inventory of equipment for events, there are occasions for which equipment must be rented. Generally, this is due to insufficient inventory to meet the event’s needs. Other times, ETS will suggest outsourcing in response to late requests during busy periods. In these instances, ETS will provide a quote for approval before confirming the event. Any expenses will be charged back to the requester’s departmental account.

If the event will employ a DJ for the event, he or she is responsible for providing his or her own equipment. For users not affiliated with Elon, please look over the ETS rental rates if the event will be held on campus.

AV Rental Fees for Non-Elon Sponsored Groups:

Guest Speaker - $50/day*
(Includes: podium microphone, sound system)

Basic Presentation/Meeting/Reception - $100/day*
(Includes: laptop, projector, screen, presentation remote)

Multimedia Presentation/Meeting/Reception - $150/day*
(Includes: laptop, projector, screen, CD/DVD player, podium microphone, sound system, presentation remote)

Computer Cart - $400/day*
(Includes 24 wireless laptop computers)

Concert for 75-200 people – $250/day**
(Includes: speakers, stage monitors, up to 4 microphones on stands, direct input boxes, mixing console)

Concert for 300-500 people - $500/day**
(Includes: speakers, stage monitors, up to 16 microphones on stands, direct input boxes, mixing console)

Add on Equipment

  • Wireless handheld or lapel microphone - $50/day
  • Laptop - $50/day
  • Mixing console - $75

*The rental fee includes the equipment and delivery, setup, and breakdown of the equipment. If your event requires a technician to be present during the event, labor is charged at the following rate:

  • Elon Professional Staff Member - $50/hour
  • Elon Student Staff Member - $25/hour

**Due to the complexity of setup for this type of event, a minimum of two technicians is required. Labor is charged at the same rate as above per technician.

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