Domain and Wireless Access for Guests

Domain and Wireless Access may be requested for any faculty/staff sponsored guest of the university.

  • This account must be requested by Elon University, staff or faculty, on behalf of the official University guest.
  • This account permits access to the wireless network and university computers.
  • Elon University may grant faculty/staff hosted guest(s), 7 days of wireless network and domain access.
  • If you need a guest account for a user under the age of 16, you must complete the Parental Consent Form. Retain the consent forms for your own records.
  • By requesting the account(s), the faculty or staff member accepts responsibility for the actions of the hosted guest(s), including users under the age of 16.
  • Requests, submitted during normal business hours, will be promptly processed.
Steps to request an account for an individual Steps to request an account for a group
The faculty/staff member should:
  1. Collect the following information from the guest. This information will be needed to create the account.
    1. First Name
    2. Last Name
    3. Street Address
    4. Zip Code
    5. Verify the user is over the age of 16.
  2. Contact the Technology Service Desk and provide the collected information (phone: 336.278.5200)
The faculty/staff member should:
  1. Download and complete Group Guest Account Request Form.
  2. Submit the form and a list of the visitor's first and last names, to the Technology Service Desk by one of the following methods:
    1. Email:
    2. Mail: Campus Box 2425 Attention-Service Desk Manager
    3. Fax: 336.278.2808 Attention-Service Desk Manager
  3. An associate will follow up with the host via email as soon as the request is processed. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your request, contact the Service Desk at 336.278.5200.
    Time frame
    • Groups of 9 or less: Requests, submitted during normal business hours, will be promptly processed.
    • Groups of 10 or more: Requests must be sent 7 days prior to the requested date for account creation. Requests that fail to meet this requirement should be immediately followed up with a phone call to 336.278.5200

  4. If your group includes individuals under the age of 16, you must complete the Parental Consent Form, including the signatures of the parent and the supervisor. The supervisor should keep these forms for their own files, as they are liable for the activity of minors on the network. If you do not have a signed parental consent form, it is policy that individuals under the age of 16 do not receive wireless access information. Remember, the supervisor of the group guest account is ultimately liable for all activity in a guest account assigned to their name.


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