Digication (ePortfolio or Portfolio Gallery)*

Interested in learning more about Digication? Information regarding availability, benefits & key features, and cost may be found on the Technology Website.

How do I learn to use Digication?
Faculty and Staff
  • Once you're logged in to Digication, select "Create" in the upper right, then under Portfolio Settings, click Select Template.
    In the list, select the template called "Creating Your Portfolio". This template is a self-guided tour of how to create your Portfolio, and try out all its functions as you explore.
Answers to Frequently Asked Questions
  • Digication is a hosted service provided free to Elon students through Google Apps. It is also provided to faculty and staff through individual accounts set-up by request (contact the Technology Service Desk to request a new account).
  • All files are stored on Digication's servers in Rhode Island. These files are backed-up and secure. No portfolio files are stored on Elon servers.
  • To access Digication, go to:   www.elon.digication.com
    • Students - use your Elon username and password (same as your email) to create an account
    • Faculty - submit your request for a Digication account to the Technology Service Desk (call 5200 or email helpdesk@elon.edu).
How long does my Digication account last?
  • Students own their Digication accounts, just as they own their Elon log-in account. When you graduate from Elon, your account remains intact - and it's yours, indefinitely. If your portfolio is part of a project or special exhibit, your portfolio will remain online unless you remove it, or the exhibit is changed.
  • Faculty/Staff: as long as you are an employee of Elon University, you have free access to your Digication Account through your Elon log-in. If you leave Elon, you may subscribe to Digication for a nominal fee ($20/year), and/or you may download the entire contents of your portfolios.
  • You can download and save a zipped file of your portfolio at anytime.
    (Once you're logged into your portfolio, under Portfolio Tools, select "Download".)
Technical Assistance
  • For account related issues, call the HelpDesk at 5200.


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