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Campus Technology Support provides several popular software titles for sale and check-out to current Elon University Students, Faculty, and Staff. You may find detailed information about various software products and their support by visiting here.

  • Starting in March 2015, SAS software became available for Elon University Faculty and Students to download and install to their university or personal computers. For information on installing SAS on your computer, view our instructions on How to Install SAS on your Personal Computer. Please note that this process is not available for Elon staff or users of Mac computers.

Departmental Software Purchases:

To obtain software for use on a Faculty or Staff, Elon University owned, computer please call the Service Desk with the name of the software package you wish you purchase and a 12-digit (x-xxxxxx-xxxxx) budget code. (Please note that all software must be purchased through the Service Desk in order to obtain support through CTS. Read the Departmental Software Policy.)

Personal Software Needs:

Microsoft Licensing Agreement: Current Students, Faculty, and Staff are licensed for select Microsoft titles through our Microsoft Volume Licensing Agreement.

  • E-Academy Information: All faculty, staff, and students using a current email address have the opportunity to download Microsoft Office and ForeFront EndPoint Protection at no charge. Available for a small fee is the Windows 7 Upgrade media. For more details visit Kivuto's E-Academy Software Downloads.
  • Purchase Information: Software which is available for purchase can be obtained at the Service Desk. Valid Phoenix Card required at time of purchase. Click here for current pricing and purchasing details.
    All software is limited to one copy per Faculty, Staff or Student.
Software Package Description Check out Purchase E-Academy
Microsoft Office Professional 2010
Microsoft Office Professional 2010 is a complete suite of productivity and database software that will help you save time and stay organized. Software package includes: Access, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Publisher, Word. Windows Platform Only.
Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac
Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac is a complete suite of productivity software that will help you save time and stay organized. Software package includes: Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, and Word. Mac Platform Only
  • Outlook 2011 is not supported by the Faculty and Staff email server
Microsoft ForeFront End Point Protection
Microsoft Project Professional 2010
Visually select the right mix of resources. It's as easy as drag and drop with the new team planner. Enhance team collaboration to realize results connect your teams with Microsoft® SharePoint® Foundation 2010 task list and status synchronization.
Windows XP Professional - Operating System
Windows XP is a line of operating systems produced by Microsoft for use on personal computers running x86 and IA-64 processors, including home and business desktops, notebook computers, and media centers.
Windows 7 Ultimate UpGrade - Operating System:
Windows 7 is a line of operating systems developed by Microsoft for use on personal computers, including home and business desktops, laptops, Tablet PCs, and media center PCs.
Note - This is an upgrade. You must have an operational Windows XP, Vista, or 7 operating system installed on your machine to utilize this media.
SMART Notebook 10.8:
SMART Notebook collaborative learning software is part of the Education Software Installer. Available for both Macs and PCs.
For download and installation information visit SMART Notebook.

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