Cisco IP Phone - Button Layout and Explanation

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Layout and Explanation of Cisco IP 7940/7960 Phone Buttons

  1. Handset Light Strip - Indicates that you have an incoming call and/or a new voice message.
  2. Phone Screen – Gives you the time, date, your phone number, caller ID, and other features like redial, new call, etc.
  3. Model Type - Indicates your telephone model.
  4. Line Appearance Buttons - Indicates your extension number(s).
  5. Foot Stand Button - Adjusts the angle of your phone base.
  6. Directories Button - Opens/Closes the Directories menu which allows you to see missed calls, received call, placed calls, and faculty/staff directories.
  7. Help Button – Allows you to use the Help Menu.
  8. Settings Button – Allows you to change telephone settings such as contrast and ringer sound, network configuration, and status information.
  9. Speaker Button - Toggles the speaker on or off for conference calls in your office.
  10. Mute Button – Turns the mute feature on or off.
  11. Headset Button – Turns the headset on or off for those who use a headset.
  12. Volume Button - Increases or decreases the volume of the handset or headset, speakerphone, and the ringer volume.
  13. Services Button - Provides access to telephone services if available.
  14. Messages Button – Allows you to use the voice message system.
  15. Navigation Button - Allows you to scroll through menus, highlight items and with the soft key activate the highlighted items.
  16. Keypad - Allows you to dial telephone numbers, enter letters, and close menu items.
  17. Soft Key Buttons - Each activates the item (soft key) listed above on a menu.


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