Cisco IP Phone - Basic Operations and Voice Mail

Telephone & Mobile Quick Links

Getting Started

Placing an On-campus Call
Placing an Off-campus Call
Using Speakerphone
Adjusting the Handset and Speakerphone Volume
Answering a Call
Accessing Directories (Missed Calls, Received Calls, Placed Calls)

Phone Features

Muting a Call
Placing a Call on Hold
Transferring a Call
Transferring a Call Directly to a Voice Mailbox
Call Forwarding
Placing a Conference Call

Voice Mail

Set Up Your Voice Mailbox - First Time Use Only
Accessing Voice Mail
Set Up a Temporary Greeting (Alternate, Holiday, Special Hours)
Reset Voicemail Password


3 3 Delete
way way Delete
conference conference Delete
call call Delete
3way 3way Delete
cisco cisco Delete
ip ip Delete
voicemail voicemail Delete
password password Delete
voice voice Delete
mail mail Delete
forwarding forwarding Delete
directly directly Delete
to to Delete
muting muting Delete
placing placing Delete
accessing accessing Delete
directories directories Delete
answering answering Delete
handet handet Delete
volume volume Delete
speakphone speakphone Delete
off-campus off-campus Delete
on-campus on-campus Delete
resetting resetting Delete
changing changing Delete
change change Delete
reset reset Delete
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