Belk Library 102 ()*

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Room Summary

This classroom is a compact space for presentations or group studying. It seats 16 people at the eight tables, but more chairs can be added to hold more people.

How to Use Presentation System

  1. Lower the screen using the black switch.
  2. Turn on the projector using the black control panel.
  3. Select "Laptop" or "AUX" (for Auxiliary).
  4. Connect selected device through the black port at the back of the room.
  5. Screen can be muted by selecting "Display Mute" on control panel.
  6. To turn off press "System Off" on control panel.
  7. Roll up screen using black switch.

Available Technology

Below is a list of the technology available in Belk 102.

Equipment Manufacturer Model/Type
Projector NEC NP-PA550W
Control Panel Crestron MPC-M10
Wall Plate Crestron WP170
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