Add an image to a blog post

Find an image

Be sure the image you want to include in the post is on your computer. If you don't have an image, read Ingredients of a good blog post for information on finding free images and why Google Images may not be the best way to find images.

To add an image, click "Add Media" while editing a blog post

Click "Select Files" or drag the image onto the window

Select the image you want to insert

Fill in the details for the image, specifically the Title and Alt Text.

  • Title: name the image
  • Alt Text: describe the image

Click Insert into post

Or, click on "Edit Image" to crop or rotate the image.

Align the image

The image can be aligned to the left, right or center of the blog post using the alignment icons.

Resize the image

Change the size of the image by clicking the image and selecting the image icon.

Select the new size

Click "Update" when finished.

Edit the image

You can edit the image by deleting it from the post and re-inserting it. To delete it, click on the image and click on the red delete icon.

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